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Eco PLA.


21,31 €
21,31 €/kg
Discover sustainable printing with Eco PLA FilamentAre you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your 3D printing projects? The Eco PLA from 3DKordo combines high-quality printing results with impressive...
PLA - glow in dark.

PLA - glow in dark

27,41 €
27,41 €/kg
Light up your night with the Everfil™ PLA Glow in the Dark FilamentWhy choose Everfil™ PLA?Everfil™ PLA is not just an ordinary 3D printer filament. With its strong luminosity, it...
Neon PLA.

Neon PLA

20,28 €
20,28 €/kg
Discover the brilliance of Neon PLA for your 3D printingWhy choose Neon PLA?Neon PLA is an optimal material for anyone working in 3D -Print to achieve precise and eye-catching results....
Holz PLA.

Wood PLA

30,46 €
30,46 €/kg
Experience the innovation with 3DKordo Wood PLA Discover the new era of 3D printing with our revolutionary 3DKordo Wood PLA filament that perfectly combines traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.Authentic wood...
Marmor PLA.

Marble PLA

20,28 €
Discover the Marble PLA filament - perfection in every print!The Marble PLA filament revolutionizes your 3D printing experiences with its exceptional quality and impressive marble -Effect colors. Every printing project...
ABS Filament.

ABS filament

25,37 €
25,37 €/kg
Discover the advantages of Everfil™ ABS filament Are you looking for a high-quality filament for your professional 3D printing projects? Then the Everfil™ ABS filament is just the thing for...


25,37 €
25,37 €/kg
Discover the exceptional durability of the Everfil™ ASA filament Whether for professional use or personal projects - the Everfil™ ASA Filament represents a revolutionary solution for all your 3D printing...


22,32 €
22,32 €/kg
Experience the difference with Everfil™PETG Filament for 3D printingOptimal printing solutionWith Everfil™PETG stand out the world of 3D printing with ease and quality. This material is extremely popular because of...


3DKordo: Your source for high-quality 3D printing materials and accessories 3DKordo is a trusted brand in the field of 3D printing, offering a wide range of high quality materials and accessories for all your printing needs. From filaments to printing surfaces to tools and spare parts, 3DKordo offers everything you need to successfully implement your 3D printing projects. In this...
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