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Sovol SV08

Sovol SV08

From 699,00 €
Experience innovative 3D printing technology with the Sovol SV08 Take your creative projects to the next level with the Sovol SV08, a state-of-the-art Core-XY 3D printer that combines outstanding performance...
Sovol SV06 Ganzmetall-Extruder mit Planeten-Direktantrieb

Sovol SV06 all-metal extruder with planetary direct drive

63,95 €
Maximum precision for outstanding results Experience revolutionary 3D printing performance with the Sovol SV06 All-Metal Planetary Direct Drive+ Extruder. This groundbreaking extruder unit offers unmatched precision to print even the...
Sovol SV06 Plus All Metal Extruder

Sovol SV06 Plus All Metal Extruder

71,95 €
Introducing the Sovol SV06 Plus All Metal Extruder Revolutionary printing experiences await youExperience a completely new dimension of 3D printing with the Sovol SV06 Plus All Metal Extruder. This highly...
Sovol 0,4mm High Flow Düsen

Sovol 0.4mm high flow nozzles

11,95 €
Discover the Sovol 0.4mm High Flow Nozzles for professional 3D printingIncrease the performance of your 3D printers with the Sovol 0.4mm High Flow Nozzles , which are specifically designed to...
Sovol Silk PLA Rainbow

Sovol Silk PLA Rainbow

62,95 €
Discover the magic of Sovol Silk PLA Rainbow Enrich your 3D printing experience with the Sovol Silk PLA Rainbow filament that brings any project to life with an explosion of...
Sovol SV07 Plus

Sovol SV07 Plus

369,95 €359,00 €
Discover the Sovol SV07 Plus 3D printer Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities with the Sovol SV07 Plus! This state-of-the-art 3D printer gives you the freedom to bring your...
Sovol SV06/SV06 Plus/SV07 Bimetall Heatbreak

Sovol SV06/SV06 Plus/SV07 bimetal heatbreak

12,95 €
Improve your printing results with the Sovol Bi-Metal HeatbreakIncrease the efficiency and quality of your 3D printing projects with the high-quality Sovol SV06/SV06 Plus/SV07 Bi-Metal Heatbreak . Designed to ensure...
Sovol T500 Extruder mit Direktantrieb

Sovol T500 direct drive extruder

109,95 €
Discover the Sovol T500 direct drive extruder Boost your 3D printing capabilities with the Sovol T500 extruder, which ensures outstanding performance in your printing projects thanks to its direct drive.Precise...
Sovol-Düsen aus gehärtetem Werkzeugstahl mit hohem Durchfluss

High flow hardened tool steel Sovol nozzles

24,95 €
Experience professional 3D printing with the Sovol nozzles made of hardened tool steelWhether you are a hobbyist or a professional in the field of 3D printing, the Sovol nozzles give...
Sovol SV06

Sovol SV06

295,00 €208,00 €
Discover the revolutionary Sovol SV06 3D printerPrecise extrusion technologyExperience precision at the highest level with the Sovol's all metal direct drive extruder SV06. This state-of-the-art extruder offers an improved gear...
Sovol SV07

Sovol SV07

328,95 €284,95 €
Discover the Sovol SV07 3D printerEnter the world of high-precision 3D printing technology with the Sovol SV07, a device that not only impresses with its quality, but also takes your...


Welcome to our exclusive selection of high-quality Sovol 3D printers and filament dryers! Immerse yourself in the world of limitless creativity and bring your ideas to life. Our products not only offer precision and quality, but also a variety of features that will revolutionize your 3D printing experience.
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