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Fiberlogy Easy PLA.

Fiberlogy Easy PLA

22,32 €20,28 €
2,39 €/100g
Discover the Fiberlogy Easy PLA - perfection in 3D printingFeatures and advantagesFiberlogy Easy PLA is your ideal partner in 3D printing, quality , ease of use and precision combined in...
Fiberlogy Easy PET-G.

Fiberlogy Easy PET-G

22,32 €
2,63 €/100g
Discover Fiberlogy Easy PET-G - Perfection in 3D printingImproved printing propertiesThe Fiberlogy Easy PET-G filament sets new standards in the world of 3D printing. With its improved chemical resistance and...
Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D (TPU).

Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D (TPU)

50,78 €
5,97 €/100g
Discover the elegance and robustness with the Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D (TPU) Ensure aesthetic perfection in your 3D printing projects with Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D, a filament that combines flexibility with elegant...
Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15.

Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15

60,96 €55,88 €
Discover the robustness and precision of the Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15 Increase your productivity and innovation with Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15, a filament designed for performance and reliability.Superior performance and durability This...


25,37 €
25,37 €/kg
Discover the exceptional durability of the Everfil™ ASA filament Whether for professional use or personal projects - the Everfil™ ASA Filament represents a revolutionary solution for all your 3D printing...
Sunlu PETG.

Sunlu PETG

17,23 €
Explore the possibilities with Sunlu PETG FilamentBoost your creative and technical skills with Sunlu PETG Filament, a premium material for 3D printing , which combines outstanding clarity with exceptional flexibility.Optimal...
Roxy Silk 1kg Twotone Filament.

Roxy Silk 1kg Twotone Filament

35,54 €30,46 €
Discover the Roxy Silk 1kg Twotone Filament Boost your creativity with the Roxy Silk 1kg Twotone Copper-Silver Filament, a high-quality 3D printing material that takes your projects to the next...
Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSilk Metallic.

Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSilk Metallic

30,46 €25,23 €
2,97 €/100g
Discover the Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSilk Metallic FilamentIncrease the quality of your 3D prints with the Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSilk Metallic. This high-quality filament is not only easy to print,...
Fiberlogy Impact PLA - ABS Like.

Fiberlogy Impact PLA - ABS Like

28,42 €
Discover the revolutionary Fiberlogy Impact PLA - ABS Like FilamentRevolutionary material quality and printing precisionThe Fiberlogy Impact PLA combines easy handling and environmental friendliness of PLA with the robustness and...
Eco PLA.


21,31 €
21,31 €/kg
Discover sustainable printing with Eco PLA FilamentAre you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your 3D printing projects? The Eco PLA from 3DKordo combines high-quality printing results with impressive...
Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSatin Matt.

Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSatin Matt

30,46 €24,15 €
2,84 €/100g
Discover the Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSatin Matt FilamentIncrease your creative possibilities with the Fiberlogy Easy PLA FiberSatin Matt Filament, specially designed for flawless and aesthetic attractive 3D prints were developed....
Fiberlogy BVOH Natural - Wasserlösliches Stützfilament.

Fiberlogy BVOH Natural - Water-soluble support filament

77,22 €71,12 €
142,24 €/kg
Discover the possibilities with Fiberlogy BVOH Natural - your partner for complex 3D printingIn 3D printing, Fiberlogy BVOH Natural represents the next level of innovation and precision. Specially developed for...


Immerse yourself in our fascinating world of filaments that will bring your creative 3D printing projects to life. Our selection of high-quality materials offers everything you need for your printer - from flexible TPU filaments to robust ABS options. Experience the diversity of our range, which features environmentally friendly PLA filaments from sustainable sources and technically sophisticated PETG variants. Each material impresses with its unique properties, whether flexibility, strength or heat resistance. Our filaments are available in different diameters and meet the highest quality standards to give you a smooth printing experience. Discover the perfect addition to your next project today! Trust in our expertise and let our selection inspire you. Our team is here to help you choose the right filament. Make your next 3D printing adventure unforgettable with our premium filaments!