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Isopropanol 99.9% 1 Liter.

Isopropanol 99.9% 1 liter

9,95 €
9,95 €/l
Isopropanol 99.9% 1 liter - The all-rounder for your cleaning tasksDiscover a highly effective and efficient solution for cleaning, disinfection and much more in your environment with Isopropanol. This versatile...
Isopropanol IPA 99.9%.

Isopropanol IPA 99.9%

29,95 €
5,99 €/l
Isopropanol IPA 99.9% - The ultimate cleaning solutionDiscover Isopropanol IPA 99.9%, your highly effective solution for deep clean, residue-free removal of grease, oil, wax and Resin. With its outstanding level...


Isopropanol: High-quality cleaning alcohol for a variety of applications Isopropanol is an indispensable cleaning alcohol that is used in many industries. With its effective and rapid evaporation, isopropanol is ideal for cleaning electronics, disinfecting and for industrial purposes. This versatile alcohol is known for its excellent cleaning power and is often used in laboratories, workshops and in medical technology. Benefits...
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