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Fiberlogy Easy PET-G.

Fiberlogy Easy PET-G

21,95 €
2,58 €/100g
Discover Fiberlogy Easy PET-G - Perfection in 3D printingImproved printing propertiesThe Fiberlogy Easy PET-G filament sets new standards in the world of 3D printing. With its improved chemical resistance and...
Refill Easy PET-G.

Refill Easy PET-G

17,95 €
2,11 €/100g
Discover the Refill Easy PET-G for your 3D printingIncrease your printing efficiency and reduce your ecological footprint with the innovative Refill Easy PET-G filament.Eco-friendly designWith the Refill Easy PET-G you...
Sunlu PETG.

Sunlu PETG

16,95 €
Explore the possibilities with Sunlu PETG FilamentBoost your creative and technical skills with Sunlu PETG Filament, a premium material for 3D printing , which combines outstanding clarity with exceptional flexibility.Optimal...


21,95 €
21,95 €/kg
Experience the difference with Everfil™PETG Filament for 3D printingOptimal printing solutionWith Everfil™PETG stand out the world of 3D printing with ease and quality. This material is extremely popular because of...
Creality CR-PETG

Creality CR-PETG

19,95 €
Discover the revolutionary Creality CR-PETG filament for 3D printingIncrease the quality of your 3D printing projects with the Creality CR-PETG filament, which is specifically designed to ensure precision and durability...

PETG Filament

PETG Filament: High-quality options for 3D printing PETG filament is an excellent choice for 3D printing enthusiasts looking for a combination of strength, flexibility and ease of processing. Here are some of the best PETG filaments and their key features available on the market: Properties of PETG Filament Strength and durability: PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) is known for its high...
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