Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS
Flashforge Creator 4-HS

Flashforge Creator 4-HS

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Discover the Flashforge Creator 4-HS: The future of 3D printing

With the Flashforge Creator 4-HS, a high-performance commercial 3D printer , experience innovation and quality on a new level. This device is specially designed for professionals and industries that require precision, efficiency and versatility.

Superior functionalities

Thanks to the unique configuration with independent dual extruders, the Flashforge Creator 4- HS your models with minimal disruption. Each extruder can move away from the print surface when not in use to avoid filament drip, resulting in a significant increase in model quality. This system doubles the output when batch printing the same models, optimizing your production capacities.

Large build volume

With an impressive build volume of 400mm x 350mm x 500mm, the Flashforge Creator 4- HS ideal for prototyping and large printing projects that require precise execution and dimensional accuracy.

Heating chamber and build plate

The printer's heating chamber can be heated to 65°C, which reduces model contraction significantly reduced during the printing process. This prevents warping and cracking of ABS/PC/PA and other technical filaments. The build plate supports heating temperatures up to 120°C, ideal for printing with ABS, nylon and similar materials.

High printing temperatures

Thanks to an extruder that supports temperatures up to 360°C They process a variety of filaments, including advanced composites such as PACF, PET-CF and PP-CF.

Intelligent filament management

An advanced thermal control system ensures optimal temperatures before and after the printing process . This technology not only improves print quality, but also increases the success rate of your projects.

Clean air and monitoring

The integrated HEPA 13 air filter removes harmful fumes and particles, ensuring a safe working environment . In addition, a built-in camera allows you to monitor the printing process at any time and adjust it if necessary.

Power failure? No problem!

Another highlight of the Flashforge Creator 4-HS is the resume function after a power failure. This saves you time, filament and money from interrupted printing processes.

With the Flashforge Creator 4-HS you not only achieve exceptional print quality, but also efficiency that supports your production goals. Increase your creativity and productivity with this top-of-the-line 3D printer.

Don't miss the opportunity to take your projects to the next level. Add Flashforge Creator 4-HS to your shopping cart now!