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PFA film (like FEP film) for Anycubic, Elegoo, Formlabs, SLA, DLP

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Vorteile und Eigenschaften

"Only advantages over standard FEP films"

Discover the benefits of PFA film for your 3D printer

Transform your 3D printing experience with our high-quality PFA film, perfect for brands like Anycubic, Elegoo and Formlabs as well as for SLA and DLP printing technologies. Our PFA film is available in two practical sizes: small (200mm x 140mm) and large (210mm x 290mm), each packaged as 1x PFA film per unit.

Outstanding chemical resistance

The PFA film is characterized by its outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and resins. Compared to conventional FEP films, it is significantly more robust against chemical reactions, which guarantees a longer service life and less wear during the printing process.

Increased temperature resistance

With superior temperature resistance, our PFA film enables use of materials that require higher processing temperatures. This protects the film from melting and other heat-related damage, and thus increases the safety and efficiency of your printing process.

Optimized printing results due to less tendency to stick

The special surface quality of the PFA film minimizes the sticking of the printed object . This makes peeling easier after printing and reduces the risk of damage to your valuable creations, which in turn ensures clean and precise printing performance.

Longer durability and cost-effective use

Thanks to improved chemical and thermal properties Due to its durability and reduced tendency to stick, the PFA film offers a longer service life. You benefit from less frequent replacement needs and a more effective cost-benefit calculation over time.

More uniform exposure for perfect print quality

The PFA film outperforms the FEP films with its higher optical transparency. This allows for more even exposure of the resin to UV or projected light, resulting in more precise and finer details in your prints.

Use the advanced technology of our PFA film to increase the quality and efficiency of your 3D printing projects increase. Buy now and re-experience the future of 3D printing with Anycubic, Elegoo or Formlabs!

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