Improve adhesion on the print bed: tips & tricks

Haftung auf Druckbett verbessern: Tipps & Tricks - 3ddruckboss

Print bed adhesion is a crucial factor for the successful 3D printing process. An improved adhesion system can not only increase print quality, but also ensure the reliability of the entire printing process. In this article we present you with effective tips to improve adhesion to the print bed and thus achieve optimal results.

1. Choose the right print bed temperature

The optimal print bed temperature is an essential aspect to improve adhesion. Make sure you set the recommended temperature according to your filament manufacturer's instructions. Precise temperature adjustment ensures optimal adhesion without overheating the filament.

2. Use high quality print bed coatings

Invest in high-quality print bed coatings to optimize adhesion. Coatings such as PEI (polyetherimide) or BuildTak provide excellent adhesion properties and allow easy removal of the printed object after printing.

3. Do not neglect calibration of the print bed

Regular calibration of the print bed is crucial. Precise calibration ensures that the first layer of print is applied optimally, improving adhesion. Use modern printers with automatic calibration functions for maximum efficiency.

4. Ensure clean print bed surface

Always keep the print bed clean and free of residue. Grease, dust or other contaminants can affect adhesion. Clean the print bed thoroughly before each printing process to create optimal conditions for adhesion.

5. Make the correct first layer setting

The first print layer, also called the first layer, is crucial for adhesion. Make sure that the print settings for the first layer thickness and speed are optimally matched to your Filament. If necessary, experiment with these settings to achieve the best results.

6. Use additional adhesion aids

In some cases, additional liability aids may be required. Special adhesive sprays, adhesives or adhesive tapes are ideal here. However, please consider the compatibility with your filament and ensure that the application is carried out correctly.

Conclusion: Optimize adhesion to the print bed for perfect results

Improving adhesion to the print bed is a crucial step in achieving high quality 3D prints. You can significantly increase adhesion through the right print bed temperature, high-quality coatings, regular calibration, clean surfaces, optimal first layer settings and, if necessary, the use of additional aids.