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Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 300MM

by Rat Rig
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Discover the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - 300MM

The Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - 300MM revolutionizes 3D printing through outstanding innovations and precise technology. Whether hobbyists or professionals, this 3D printer offers optimal solutions for all your project needs.

Revolutionary Z calibration

With automatic Z calibration and compatibility with any printing surface, the Rat Rig V-Core 4 solves.0 one of the biggest problems in 3D printing: the first layer. Beacon contact ensures a flawless and accurate first layer, an essential starting point for any successful printing project.

Excellent build volume

With an impressive build volume of 300x300x300 mm, the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 printing large objects or printing multiple small objects simultaneously, saving time and energy.

Speed ​​and precision

Experience maximum precision and efficiency. This printer offers not only the fastest, but also the most precise and accurate probe on the market. VAOC (semi-automatic) Z-offset calibration further improves ease of use and printing accuracy.

Toolshift © Technology

Ultra-fast and synchronized tool changing allows you to manage print jobs more efficiently and quickly than ever before. This feature opens up new possibilities in the speed and variety of print production.

Simple structure and comprehensive documentation

The easy setup of the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 is ideal for beginners and experienced users. Comprehensive documentation and user guidance will guide you through the assembly and getting started process to start printing quickly.

Universal frame

The same robust frame is used for all variants of the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 uses and offers plenty of space for a variety of upgrades and accessories. This flexibility ensures your printer can keep up with your growing needs.

With the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - 300MM, you have endless possibilities to turn your creative ideas into reality. Improve your printing results and enjoy the long-lasting reliability of a top model.

Included in the full kit:

  • MECHANICAL KIT: Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - 300 Mechanical Kit
  • PRINTED PARTS:1 x Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - All printed parts in package (ABS - Black & Green)
  • ELECTRONICS CASE:1 x Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - Electronics housing set
  • SPOOL HOLDER MODULES:1 x Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - Multi Mount Spool Holder Bundle v1.0
  • BED PLATE:1 x Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - Bed plate - Milled cast plate - 329*329*6mm
  • HEATER PAD:1 x Keenovo 280x280mm 220V 600W silicone heater bed pad with NTC 100K thermistor and thermal fuse
  • FLEX PLATE:1 x FlexPlate PRO Set - Black Textured PEI 310 x 310 mm - Double Sided
  • ELECTRONICS - CONTROLLER SETUP AND CABLING:1 x BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 motherboard (only board - no drivers)5 x BigTreeTech TMC2209 Driver1 x BigTreeTech EBB42 USB/CAN Toolboard v1.2 (without Max)1 x Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - Wiring kit 300
  • ELECTRONICS - SENSORS & LIMIT SWITCHES:2 x Rat Rig Endstop v1.1 - Omron - NC1 x Beacon Sensor Rev H - from Beacon3D (Klipper only - USB cable included)
  • ELECTRONICS - TOOLHEAD:1 x Phaetus Rapido 2.0 Plus UHF Hotend - Black - 2000mm Cable 1 x LDO Orbiter V2.0 Extruder 1 x Fan - 4028 Axial - NIDEC W40S12BS2E5-57T04HF9 (12V 1.61A 25000RPM)
  • MOTORS:3 x Nema 17 stepper motor - 48mm - 1.8Deg/Step, 76oz-in (LDO-42STH48-2504AC) 2 x Nema 17 Stepper Motor - HT - 48mm - (1.8º, 76oz-in, 35mm Shaft)
  • POWER:1 x C-LIN SSR 40A480VAC solid state relay input 3V~32VDC 40DA 1 x power supply Weho - 250Watt 24V - fanless

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