Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM
Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM
Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM
Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM
Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM
Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM
Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM

Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM

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Vendor: Rat Rig
SKU: 3DDBRA3R01581
Barcode: 0756892328967
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Discover the future of 3D printing with the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM

Experience peak performance and sophisticated technology in a single package. The Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 is more than a simple 3D printer; it is an innovation designed to take your printing needs to a new level. With a significant build volume and advanced features, this 3D printer is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

First-class build volume

The Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 offers an impressive Large construction volume of 500x500x500mm, which gives you the freedom to implement large-scale projects without compromise. Whether for industrial prototypes, artistic installations or extensive models - the possibilities are almost limitless.

Advanced automatic Z calibration

Rely on the automatic Z calibration of the Rat Rig V -Core 4.0, which ensures seamless and precise alignment. Compatible with any printing surface, this feature ensures you always achieve perfect results, regardless of the material chosen or the printing environment.

Innovative technology for optimal printing

The integrated probe of the Beacon Sensor Rev H is considered the fastest and most accurate on the market. It ensures a perfect first layer, which is an essential basis for the success of your 3D printing projects.

Simple construction and user-friendliness

The structure of the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 is straightforward and well supported by comprehensive documentation, making setup quick and easy. In addition to the user-friendly design, this makes the 3D printer ideal for all levels of users, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Expandability and customizability

The universal design of the frame allows for a variety of upgrades and accessories . The same framework is used for all variants, providing extensive space for expansion to keep pace with growing needs or changing interests.

Complete kit for immediate start

  • Mechanical Kit: Includes the Early Bird Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 - 500 Mechanical Kit.
  • Printed parts: All necessary parts in ABS (Black & Green).
  • Electronic housing: High-quality housing set for your electronic components.
  • Spool Holder Module: Multi Mount Spool Holder Bundle for optimized material handling.
  • Bed plate: Precisely milled cast plate for excellent heat conduction and stability.

Advanced electronics and performance features

  • Electronics - Controller setup and cabling: High-quality components such as the BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 motherboard.
  • Sensors & Limit Switches: For precise movement and error-free operation.
  • Toolhead: Includes Phaetus Rapido 2.0 Plus UHF Hotend and LDO Orbiter V2.0 extruder, for excellent print quality.
  • Motors: Powerful Nema 17 stepper motors ensure reliable and precise control of your printing tasks.

Prepare to push the boundaries of what is possible and ensure revolutionary results in your 3D printing projects with the Rat Rig V-Core 4.0 Full Kit - 500MM. Buy now and shape the future of 3D printing!