The history

Die Geschichte 3D-Druck Mein Name ist Wladislaw, aber nenn mich Wladi! Die additive Fertigung (3D-Druck) fasziniert mich seit einigen Jahren… vermutlich hängt es mit meiner eigentlichen Arbeit als Zerspanungsmechaniker zusammen, aber ich war auch schon im

3D printing

My name is Vladislav, but call me Vladi!

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) has fascinated me for a number of years... probably it has something to do with my actual work as a cutting machine operator, but I have to say I've always been a nerd. Crafting something out of a "block" is something really great, but there's something magical about conjuring something out of a "thread" or a liquid, isn't there?

When practically everything is possible and the imagination knows no bounds, 3D printing begins.

My intention is simple >> everything from one source! With this I want to help absolutely everyone with this page who has or wants to have something to do with the topic of 3D printing. And that's exactly what makes everyone who visits this page a 3D printer boss! With our Telegram channel we want to invite everyone who wants additional added value from us. News about additive manufacturing, great lightning deals and other important information are posted there regularly. Feel free to join >> 3DDruckBoss Telegram channel via this link

3D printing on demand

That means you give us an instruction, for example in the form of pictures and a short text, and I or someone from my small team will create it for you. You can also find ready-made 3D models with us, you only need to specify the size or personalization and we will do the rest.

Filament, resin, accessories and 3D printers

Our repertoire consists of inexpensive and high-quality products in the field of 3D printing. Various 3D printers from well-known brands such as Anycubic, Creality, Elegoo and many more. We offer premium filaments from Fiberlogy because we are completely convinced of these products and can only recommend them to everyone else. Otherwise you will also find a lot of accessories for DLP, SLA (resin printers), including the top resin from Anycubic.

Of course we are your contact if there should be any problems. And we are there for you 24/7!

Additive manufacturing, hobby and family

I have spent a lot of time constructing various prototypes and other functional stuff and would very much like to present some projects from my other hobby, carp fishing, very soon. Yes, a hobby far away from all that, that's what I need! My drive to be able to start again and again with the right flow.

As a father and husband it is often difficult, this balancing act - from work, to work, to fishing and in between family matters, that of course must not be neglected. A certain balance is created when you combine hobby and family.

With that I also want to say that I will never neglect the most important thing for me and that a common goal is always aimed at, so that we always work towards it. Without sweat and without tears! Ok, maybe a bit of sweat and a few tears because, for example, a 100-hour print at 90% says goodbye due to a lack of support... it happens, what the heck - let's start again!

And with that I come to the end of my short story.

Oh yes, I forgot something - I use the first name of everyone! In our shop you will not find a text description with which we address someone with "you". And of course I expect the same from you!

With this in mind, I wish you all the best on your journey and have fun with the 3D printing boss!

Thank you for reading!

My private Instagram account: carp.wladikiz