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Anycubic UV Resin  1kg 405nm.

Anycubic UV Resin 1kg 405nm

From 30,41 €
Discover the quality of the Anycubic UV Resin 1kg 405nm Perfect your 3D prints with the high quality Anycubic UV Resin, specially developed for LCD printers to increase your printing...
Anycubic Water Washable + UV Resin.

Anycubic Water Washable + UV Resin

40,62 €
Anycubic Water Washable + UV ResinDiscover the revolutionary Anycubic Water Washable + UV Resin, ideal for those who strive for maximum efficiency and professional results in 3D printing. This high...
Anycubic High Speed Resin.

Anycubic High Speed ​​Resin

70,11 €
Experience high-speed 3D printing with the Anycubic High Speed ​​Resin The Anycubic High Speed ​​Resin is specifically designed for use with the Anycubic Photon Mono M5s to give you a...
Primacreator Value Dental Professional - 1KG.

Primacreator Value Dental Professional - 1KG

81,29 €
Erleben Sie die Präzision des Primacreator Value Dental ProfessionalEntdecken Sie die unerreichte Qualität und Effizienz, die der Primacreamework Value Dental Professional mit sich bringt – Das ideale Dentalharz für anspruchsvolle...
BASF Ultracur3D DM 2505 Dental Model Beige - 1 KG.

BASF Ultracur3D DM 2505 Dental Model Beige - 1 KG

121,00 €
Entdecken Sie Präzision und Leistung mit dem "BASF Ultracur3D DM 2505 Dental Model Beige - 1 KG"!Revolutionieren Sie Ihre zahnmedizinischen ModelleMit dem Ultracur3D DM 2505 von Forward AM, einem führenden...
BASF Ultracur3D Tough UV Resin 5KG.

BASF Ultracur3D Tough UV Resin 5KG

476,89 €
Sind Sie bereit, Ihre 3D-Druckprojekte auf die nächste Stufe zu heben? Entdecken Sie die außergewöhnliche Performance und Vielseitigkeit des BASF Ultracur3D Tough UV Resin 5KG!Entfesseln Sie Ihre Kreativität mit BASF...
Anycubic Pflanzenbasiertes UV Resin.

Anycubic Plant Based UV Resin

40,62 €
Discover the environmentally friendly Anycubic Plant-Based UV Resin Innovation and environmental awarenessThe Anycubic Plant-Based UV Resin is revolutionizing the market with its environmentally friendly formulation derived from sustainable soybean extracts....
Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2.

Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2

60,96 €
Discover the Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 for first-class 3D printingAchieve professional printing results with Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 Take your creative and technical projects to a new level....
Anycubic Tough Resin 2.0.

Anycubic Tough Resin 2.0

69,09 €
Experience robustness and precision with the Anycubic Tough Resin 2.0 Increase the quality of your 3D printing projects with the Anycubic Tough Resin 2.0, the ideal resin for those who...


High-quality resin for perfection in lens production Resin is the optimal choice for outstanding quality in object production, whether in a professional environment or for home use. Our first-class products enable the realization of numerous projects in various application areas.
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